Professional Funeral Services in Toledo

Habegger Funeral Services provides funeral services to customers in Toledo, Oregon, Rossford, Curtice and the surrounding area. We offer a wide range of funeral services to best suit your backgrounds, traditions and budget. Our staff will help you understand your options for a farewell your loved one deserves. To learn more about our services, call us at (419) 540-8812.

We Provide:

- Complete Funeral Service (Includes Casket):
- Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home
- Basic Services of Director and Staff 
- Embalming and Dressing 20 Gauge Steel Casket
- 1-Hour Visitation Followed by Funeral Ceremony (Funeral Home or Other Facilities)
- Obituary Submittal to Newspaper
- Securing All Authorizations and Permits
- Complete Cremation Services:
- Interment
- Graveside Services
- Scattering
- Placing Cremated 
- Celebrant Services

Our Rates:

- Direct Cremation - $795.00
- Direct Burial - $795.00
- Funeral Followed by Cremation - $2,995.00
- Complete Traditional Funeral - $2,995.00

Cremations & Funerals Start From $695, $1995! Call:

(419) 540-8812